Sunshine White Towels

Our sunshine towels are made with extreme durability. We’ve found the consistent balance between the weight and pile of the towel, thus allowing the towel to produce optimum absorbency while sustaining that plush soft feel.  You can rest assured that our towels will not lose their absorbency.  They have been created and tested to withstand numerous washes and laundry they will undergo in the future.  A good quality towel can go a long way and last for years.

We offer a thread count that combines high-quality innovation and aesthetics.   Recognizing  that supplying a quality towel to our customers can send the ideal message about your brand or business. From boutique and  full-service spas, residential athletic clubs, to large-scale, employee-only corporate fitness centers. This is how we create the best fitness brand experience for your members.

Premium Cotton Towels

Quality certified 

The supplier of our towels are from the same supplier to leading 5-star hotel chains. Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton,  Lowes hotels, Fountainbleau as  as well as Equinox gyms.  Our towels incorporate established QA/QC protocols.

Green Wise

They have met the expectations, demands, and needs in the Fitness industry

    • ISO approved (; to ensure that products and services are fit for their purpose, safe, reliable, and most importantly of good quality.
    • Certified by Oeko-Tex standard 100
  • White terry cloth
  • 100% natural soft cotton
  • Measurements 40″x 12″

PPU $4.75 each


110= $522.50




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