Mobile Sports-Specific Training

Sports specific training is a combination of fitness and performance training designed specifically for athletic performance enhancement.  Our individualized programming is for athletes preparing for the upcoming season while gaining an advantage over their competitors in the off-season.

Our fitness trainers will have an area of focus on strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, agility, mental concentration, rest & recovery, nutrition, and injury risk prevention.

We also have a good knowledge and understanding the needs of the game, training, practice at the correct pace in order to meet sports requirements.  The programs will push athletes hard, make them faster, stronger, more agile and just over better. Our programs are designed depending upon each athlete’s specific needs, strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances in the particular sport.

Possessing all the physical skills needed for athletic competition doesn’t guarantee success on the playing field.  Our sports trainers will give you the necessary tools to have mental toughness, as well as motivation and drive.  The psychological aspects of the sport are very important to the game.  This can help certain athletes compensate for the lack of natural ability and strength.  It will also give you the focus needed to maintain determination.

Perseverance; no matter the obstacles” our Great Day fitness motto

Sports-Specific Training $80 hr

Sports Specific Training Packages
(5) sessions $380
(10) sessions $630
(15) sessions $880

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