Home-Based Physical Therapy

Great Days Fitness is making it easier for therapy patients to receive their treatments. We are a network provider of personalized treatment sessions in patients’ homes. Our network of therapists demonstrates how to use an individual’s own environment to establish an efficient daily routine in order to optimize therapeutic benefits.

We are a Home-based Physical Therapy network provider in Broward and Palm Beach counties, providing highly skilled, personalized, Home-based Physical Therapy services for all ages. Including people with all different types of conditions, diagnoses, injuries, or physical limitations.

For most insurance plans, physical therapy in your home will be a covered service if you are able to demonstrate significant barriers to you leaving your home. These barriers may be due to your injury, an illness, your inability to travel, or you are working remotely from home. Now in the times we live in today, more people are staying home and safe due to the risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus. Your doctor can make the referral to our Home-based Physical Therapy network. This medical necessity report will likely also state that Home-based physical therapy is needed because you are unable to leave the house due to your condition or circumstances.

Home-Based Service We Provide

Physical therapy
Aquatic therapy
Pediatric therapy
Massage therapy
Geriatric therapy
Orthopedics & Sports rehab
Occupational therapy
Injury recovery & prevention
Speech therapy
Functional gait training
Manual therapy
Post-stroke rehabilitation

Why Choose Us As Your Network Provider

Personalized Treatment
Your therapy care plan will always be directed towards your individual needs.

Licensed Therapists
Your treatment will be provided by the same licensed therapist throughout your entire care plan.

Highly Trained Therapist
Our therapists are highly skilled with many years of professional experience.

Practitioners Network
We all collaborate and work closely with all of your health care practitioners.

Holistic Approach
Our highly skilled therapists use a holistic approach in their interventions.

Concierge Services
Our therapist will always be available for you via phone between therapy sessions and will go above and beyond to ensure your needs are surpassed.


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