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Maintaining a healthy body is important for everyone, and exercise is a key factor in staying Fit.  As senior citizens get older, it becomes more and more challenging for them to keep up with a consistent work out a schedule that promotes a healthy and independent lifestyle.  As we age our bodies begin to lose their natural ability to maintain a strong metabolism, which is vital for giving us energy.  Therefore, it’s very important for senior citizens to exercise and energize their bodies.  Our muscles weaken, our bones & joints weaken, our cardiovascular and circulatory systems are not as efficient, our balance lessens, all our systems begin to decline.

Benefits of Exercise among seniors

  • Maintain a healthy heart- Exercise reduces the risk of heart disease, increase blood circulation to the brain and throughout the entire body, and reduce the risk of diabetes.
  • Increase Muscle mass- By strength training the body, it helps to retain or increase muscle mass.  That is productive in countering the natural progression of muscle atrophy that occurs as we age.
  • Promotes independence- Seniors improve their ability to live independently when they are on a consistent exercise program. Independence is important to many seniors, and maintaining regular workout sessions helps them to retain their independence.

These natural deficits of aging make us much more susceptible to the dangers of inactivity.  Immobility accelerates these changes and forces an elderly person into irreversible functional decline quite quickly if it’s not addressed.  Accidental falls and injuries have enormous consequences for seniors and their caregivers, making it costly to the health care system.  Falls are the leading cause of injury accounting for more than 85% of injury-related hospital admissions among seniors.  Most of them occur on the stairs, or places on the floor in the hallways, dining areas, bedroom & bathroom. Aside from mobile falls, static ones can happen as well.  These are usually from a bed or chair which can result in head trauma and major fracture of the hip or shoulder.

To prevent these type of injuries from occurring, we have undertaken many initiatives in providing on-site group fitness classes within the assisted living communities.  Our bodies are meant to get up and move! Everything works a lot better and smoother when we do.  Life’s Golden years are best experienced when we walk towards a life of health and vitality in sound body, mind and spirit.

Before the start of the group class, all participants must have updated documentation of medical clearance to exercise from their current Physician.

Move Senior Fitness $120 hr

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