Mind & Body Connection

Treatment facilities are seeing the importance of incorporating exercise into the daily routine with their patients. Many people who have had experiences with alcohol or substance abuse often tend to neglect the basic components of a daily healthy lifestyle.  It’s important to repair the psychological and physical damage of chemical dependency as well as the mind-body connection.  Exercise has shown to alleviate both physical and psychological stress.

Our fitness programs target specific areas of concern refining your operational road map and defining strategies to maximize your therapy sessions, facility performance, and market growth.  Some popular group exercise programs in these facilities include cardio, strength training, yoga & outdoor physical activities. Moving the body alleviates built up the tension while using both emotional and physical energy.  Your body releases endorphins which create a natural high.  Dedicated physical activity during treatment and recovery will help to reintroduce natural levels of endorphins in your system.  This reteaches your body that it is capable of naturally altering and regulating your brain chemistry called dopamine.  It also increases self-confidence & optimism, while decreasing depression & anxiety in a healthy natural way.

Physical Benefits

  • Weight loss and management
  • Improved muscle strength
  • Boost energy
  • Rest full sleep
  • Improved circulation

Psychological Benefits

  • Improved self-concept
  • Improved mood
  • Sharpens mental skills
  • Provides healthy alternative & outlet

Regular exercise improves overall enhanced well being which makes life much more manageable and sustainable during treatment and recovery possible.

It’s only natural that more substance abuse treatment centers are increasingly incorporating these important exercise routines into their existing rehab programs to help their clients recover and heal holistically.

Mind & Body Connection $120 hr

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