Bride FItness Program

Foxxy Bride Fitness Program

Now more and more women are starting to see the value of adding Health & Wellness to their list of vendors by hiring personal fitness trainers to help motivate and get them into shape for the Big Day! You have an image you wish to aspire to, one of strength and beauty. We wanted to create and offer a service specifically for the bride-to-be. That’s why we created FOXXY BRIDE FITNESS.

Bride fitness

How to become a Foxxy Bride?

To start, we would recommend committing to 2 to 3 training sessions per week, at least 6 months leading up to your wedding date.

It’s imperative for brides to realize that not eating won’t help them to lose weight. You need to reduce your refined sugars and make sure you eat ‘good’ carbohydrates & proteins on the days you work out. Most people understand the foods to eat, but either eat too much or not enough, so portion control is really important. It also depends on an individual’s gym and exercise knowledge, how motivated they are and whether they will push themselves to reach their desired ‘wedding day body’. The most common areas of the body most brides ask of our help with are the arms, shoulders, and back. That’s when our specially designed Foxxy bride fitness programs come into action.

Our Foxxy Bride personal trainers will push and guide you while providing the expertise you need to feel and look amazing on your big day. They are always attentive and by doing this, it can help a bride stay on track.


  • 3 sessions per week
  • Monthly Payments
  • Get 2 free make up sessions

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