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There are many areas to cover to make sure a client has the best experience possible, the fitness assessment is a key part of that process, because it evaluates your overall fitness level.

Our ultimate goal at Great Days Fitness is to get you results and in order to fulfill that promise, we need to consider every important aspect to understand your current health and physical fitness levels and with that information build the best customized plan for you.

Real-life data on a person’s fitness level will help us discover imbalances in the body that need to be corrected to avoid future injuries or to help you fully recover from past lesions before starting an exercise program. The assessment will provide a baseline to work from.

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Measure Where You Are On Your Fitness Journey

When administering our fitness assessment, we always factor in 3 key aspects of a client’s life: age, injury history and goals. This will help us create a more individualized plan and increase the likelihood of that client sticking to it and staying motivated

The Great Days Fitness Assessment Protocol

We are confidential about all relevant health-related information. And we always recommend that you actually get your doctor’s approval before following through with a fitness assessment.

Our protocol is structured to evaluate the following:

  • Health Evaluation
  • Body Composition
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Upper Body Endurance
  • Core Strength
  • Flexibility

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