Corporate Wellness Programs

We have come to discover through our personal experiences working with business professionals, that employee health affects more than just medical costs.  A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce in our communities. We are a Corporate Wellness solutions provider specializing in on-site fitness services to Corporations and businesses.

The essence of the wellness program is to encourage individuals to take preventive measures to prevent the onset or worsening of an illness or disease. Employers that have implemented health and wellness programs have realized a positive impact

Benefits of implementing a Corporate Wellness Program

  • Reducing absenteeism and lost time
  • Improving the prevention of disease and stress management
  • Improving utilization, decision making, and productivity
  • Improve employee team building skills
  • Build employee morale
  • Increase your companies business valuation
  • High yielding ROI
  • Strengthen your bottom line
  • Most importantly lover overall health care costs

Many workplace factors that affect wellness has nothing to do with worker lifestyles and everything to do with organizational culture.

Corporate Wellness Program

Great Days Fitness will work with your company to develop a customized wellness program. This includes on-site professional fitness classes, assessments, employee team challenges, and fitness challenges.

Monthly membership subscription dues are based on the total number of employees participating in your corporate wellness program.  We offer a 6-month subscription plan or 1-year subscription plan. Custom pricing for on-site classes is based on your company’s specific interest in class frequency.

Funding your Corporate Wellness Program

  • Corporate obligation- Great Days Fitness invoice the employer all memberships on a monthly basis or employer can pay in full for the 6 months or 1-year subscription plan,  employees can reimburse their employers through payroll deduction.
  • Dual obligation- Your company will share the cost of the monthly fee, arranged so that you pay the preferred amount.
  • Preferred vendor- GDF will establish your company as a preferred vendor, allowing your employees a discounted membership rate and implementation fee.  Employees will be obligated and responsible for paying the membership cost in their entirety.







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