Burn & Build Fitness

Build-n-Burn is a unique workout each time. Each workout focuses on strengthening all major muscle groups while incorporating bouts of cardio bursts (for example, mountain climbers and jumping jacks) to keep your heart rate up and maximize calorie burn. Compound movements will engage many muscles at once to give you a complete workout in an hour. Equipment used for workouts rotate between dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, step benches, Bosu, stability balls, physio balls, medicine balls, Pilates balls, agility ladder and cones just to name a few.

The workout is rhythmically choreographed to an eclectic blend of music to fire up the experience. The workout is designed to be a challenge for even the most seasoned exercisers; however, the beginner is always welcome to utilize lighter weights and reduced repetitions.


Those with special considerations are welcome to modify any of the movements as necessary. Direction on proper modification is available from the instructor. Come one come all to experience this formidable yet uplifting workout.

You will be glad you did.