Diva Bride

As we all know planning a wedding day for the bride- to- be can be challenging in the selection of all the various vendors before the big day. From the wedding planner, hair & makeup stylist, cake, florists, photographer, caterer, the DJ, to family & invitations and most importantly on the list of them all is the bridal salon for the DRESS.

Now more and more women are starting to see the value of adding health & wellness to their list of professional vendors, by hiring personal fitness trainers to help motivate and get them into shape for one of, if not the most memorable day of their lives. You have an image you wish to aspire to, one of strength and beauty. We wanted to create and offer a service specifically for the bride- to- be. That’s why we created Diva Bride.


“Say I do, Commit to be Fit”


Our cutting- edge, pre-wedding exercise and nutritional program to help you look and feel like the Diva you are. We want you to feel confident while comfortably fitting into your beautiful wedding dress on this special day. Diva Bride programs are designed to cater to each individual’s specific interest, needs, and goals.  If you stay dedicated and consistent with the workout sessions the results can be amazing!!

Good to know: What’s key to standing out in style is your posture. If your neck and back muscles are tight, your head will angle forward. If your shoulders and chest are too tight, your shoulders will round inward. Imagine how that would look in your strapless gown? Not very flattering! Adding a regular stretching routine to your workouts will have you standing tall and walking gracefully down the aisle.

 A common mistake our brides make is ignoring their back muscles. They don’t work on the body parts they can’t see — and training the upper and lower back is one of them. Another big misconception brides have, is that training their legs will make them bigger. Wrong! Women just don’t have the testosterone to develop significant amounts of muscle mass. Strengthening the core is the key to keeping you upright and standing tall for all those wedding photos.

Bride fitness

The Goal

“Sweating for the Wedding “

  • Give rise to the bustline, tone and define the arms and shoulders à la FLOTUS.
  • Intensive torso toning: Here’s looking at you, hips, thighs and derrière!
  • Tighten and tone the abdominals and define the waistline.  
  • Enhance your posture and sculpt your upper and lower back muscles.

There’s nothing like a proud future husband, family, and friends seeing you becoming healthy & fit.  We all need to find our motivation to exercise, and if your upcoming wedding is serving as inspiration that’s a great start for you to take action.  Making reasonable and sustainable changes to your lifestyle will also inspire you to stay healthy & fit as you celebrate life and many more anniversaries in the years to come. This is overall well-being transformation will leave you feeling energized and great about yourself in the journey to being fit.   All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle. We want every bride to look and feel their very best on their wedding day.  Our certified professional fitness trainers and Nutritionist will provide you with the proper guidance and knowledge needed to achieve the results you are looking for and desire. We know and understand how important this special day is for every bride to be.

Our Diva Bride Services:

  • The Hottest workout classes for the Bride-to-Be
  • Wedding workout secrets
  • Bridal body prep and meal plans
  • Our trainer’s have  shape-up strategies for every wedding dress style, from strapless to backless and beyond
  • Diva Bride customized personal training- nutritional programs
  • Diva Bridal Bootcamp
  • Diva Bride & Groom partner training

Pre-Wedding 6 mo – 1-year agreement:

  • Min 2 sessions per week, with the exclusion of Sundays

Diva Bride customized personal training $120hr
Customized nutritional programming by a licensed nutritionist

Diva Bride Packages
(5) Bouquet  $480
(10) Engagement  $730
(15) VIP Commitment  $980

Diva Bridal Bootcamp
(min 5) (max 10)
(5) sessions $75
(10) sessions $150

Diva Bride & Groom partner training
(5) sessions $380
(10) sessions $630
(15) sessions $880

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Diva Bride Locations

  • Miami-Ft. Lauderdale
  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • Atlanta
  • Nashville
  • Baltimore
  • Washington D.C.
  • Charlotte,NC
  • Philadelphia
  • New York
  • Boston
  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Detroit
  • Cleveland
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